Two parties to Brive-la-Gaillarde Monday, September 6, 2010 at around 9:00. We, my aunt and me, the car towards Bordeaux and our destination: Arcachon. The trip goes well, we drive correctly, highways are nearly empty. However, to Montagnac-d'Auberoche a heavy rain falling on us to finally stop a few miles away. We arrive at the apartment, they quickly unpacking business, you break the crust and the market management and the beach!

We do the shopping, it is said, will be fish and seafood for the entire stay! (We will not go without it with oysters Basin (although I do not like), the prawns or lobsters at prices very small .... On top of that the people are nice markets (it is not race for money as in other places where sellers markets have high prices and moan when a customer buys anything have watched their displays).. We go through the tourist office because it is the same place as the market, is full of ideas and guided walks, my aunt asked if some places to visit are still there (the museum model navy ...). After the aquarium have filed the races in the fridge, you come out to walk a little, rooks, short, Saharan camera bag and hat for me, it is hot, 24 ° C. a short stroll on the beach, a few shells at the moment. we return and in bed.

- - -

Tuesday 7, we start towards the Pilat Dune (or Pyla, there are apparently both spellings) I take this opportunity to make beautiful pictures after this steep ascent (the photographic material has not yet relieved from Paris) of 110m in height.
dune du pilat pyla nature sable

In any case it should not be allowed caps / hats or other poorly placed because it blows hard up there. Having enjoyed the view, we descend towards the beach Biscarosse.
vague nature ocean atlantique biscarosse plage

On the way back we will eat a nice plate of seafood, there are not many people and we have plenty of choice to decide which restaurant we go. After a crab butchering a bit complicated, we decide to eat an ice''Cornet d'Amour.''''Unfortunately, the Cornet d'Amour''is no longer in place, there is the''Love''Sorbet. We ask if it's still the same glacier past, miracle, they are the same. (For the record, they did not file the name and a glacier and took Lille has filed the trademark, they then ask for change ...) What is the''Love''Sorbet is already the amount of different scents, and especially the quality. (I for one am quite difficult when it comes to ice and the ice are the only ones that do not mind eating in the winter so they are good!) Not forgetting the fact that people who live the''Love''Sorbet are very friendly, cheerful and smiling. Here is a small photo (it was an obligation to my stomach) of one of their windows to''ice'':
glace sorbet d'amour arcachon

While we finished the ice, we will learn to cross the basin in a boat to go to Cap Ferret. Which is pressed the next day.

- - -

8 Wednesday, we begin with''good''time with the boat but instead of waiting 25 minutes, change of plan, we take the boat with a visit to the bird island. We learn how oysters are cultivated:
- First, the eggs are naturally ''retrieved'' on block tiles whitewashed.
- Then the oysters begin to grow, but they are still very small, they are called ''seed'' at that time, they scratch the tiles.
huitre nature naissain bassin d'arcachon

- Then, oysters sticking tiles, we put them in bags of fillets and return to the sea, the time they finish growing.
- Finally, they are rescued and placed in the plates of food lovers. (Oysters in the Arcachon basin are generally categories (II), III and IV)

So after a walk of discovery of the park and oyster shacks on stilts to the bird island, we come to Cap Ferret. Here we visit the lighthouse (53m high, 117 steps):
phare du cap ferret

Here also the mayor of Cap Ferret (for my part, I felt like seeing an old mayor of 40 years, due to its architecture):
mairie architecture cap ferret

We will then do a little touring the beaches of Cap Ferret, the waves are as well as biscarosse, but that day, many wind surfers were pleased:
vague nature ocean atlantique plage biscarosse
vague nature ocean atlantique plage biscarosse

But they can enjoy long as the waves become too strong and supervisors ask their beaches out of the water, the flag is turned red. We go back too, right by the train as we would have liked because of horraires because the train would arrive just after the departure of our boat. Too bad, it will be for another time. Arriving at the pier, a woman invites us to take us back to Arcachon instead of waiting for our ship to be delayed due to winds. I take this opportunity to make the portrait a beautiful sailboat:
vague nature voilier bassin d'arcachon

We returned home with a glass of sherbet of Love, the wind is still strong enough, a good meal at home, it charges the batteries of devices and to bed.

- - -

Thursday 9, it rains ... However we decide to visit the Aquarium. Phew, it is not closed or moved. However, the museum of the marine model is, for lack of visitors. We start with the various aquariums on the ground and basement. Then the various fossil remains of the history of the basin. We leave a good smell and we jumped on me. Towards the pizzeria, it's getting hungry. In the afternoon we do a little shopping, the rain is not the best time for the beach. We took the opportunity to purchase different gifts to bring. An ice cream I'll let you guess the origin and we go home.

- - -

Friday 10, it rains in the morning and we go to market shopping (brandade of cod, stuffed crab, shrimp, lobster in half mayonaise, Sizain an oyster, a bottle of white wine between the two seas ). Lunch is found. We set off to go to paradise butterfly Sanguinet while the rain away. The young man who holds this living museum is very nice and very willing to answer different questions. The butterfly house is also busy, it was also an outdoor greenhouse where the butterflies are selected by a fine mesh net in which we walk, between the feet of lavender and other plants:
papillon nature le paradis du papillon sanguinet monarque lavande

We continue with a few Geocaches that are in the area and return to the beach. The waves are still as powerful and many times I get deported (150 m at the largest ''towing'').
vague nature ocean atlantique plage biscarosse

Back at home, passing through the [ICE CREAM] and return home, the ice is finished just in time for the stones I cook salmon and cod brandade market.

- - -

Saturday 11, 6:30 am, we go to the auction of the port of Arcachon. Missed, is through the tourist office and it's Monday and Thursday. It gets up before dawn for nails. Do not worry, we will return Monday. Before you go home at night again interrupted, I want to make a small photo in silhouette:
bateau nature bassin d'arcachon aube ombre chinoise

After a nap and a good meal, we return to port after a visit to the tourist office to take notes. We will balladons and you can see the harbor entrance a huge sea anchor along with a penguin (I think).
ancre nature bassin d'arcachon port de pêche
ancre nature bassin d'arcachon port de pêche

Then stroll on the beach and the shells are waiting for you. We're going home to dinner and sleep.

- - -

Sunday 12, and then lie to the market, new shrimp, cod brandade, a little salad too. After eating we will walk in the city, we visit the Church of the sea:
eglise des marins pécheurs arcachon architecture

Then we go to the beach, it is always nice and warm, the water, as from the start is at 22 ° C. Back at home, meals and sleep early, tomorrow it will get up early.

- - -

13 Monday, 6 am, waking up is hard anyway. Breakfast and direction quickly removed the auction of Arcachon. There is a small group and a non-standard guide, it shows on the job he loves. Former professor, he has the gab to lead the whole group in his explanations without any problems. Meanwhile, the''Little Bear''trawler returns to port to unload.

We discover how the auction, unloading the boats to the put in the trucks. The stage of the auction itself takes place in a silence broken only by scrolling the numbers of the cash price of fish. After the exciting morning, we will eat and then the afternoon is going to run after several geocaches in the region. The stock shell continues to increase at the same time. We returned after a stint in Sorbet Love for our penultimate evening.

- - -

Tuesday 14 towards the beach after a sleep, the market and the meal. Always good waves:

Some still have the colors and reflections that might suggest the liquid metal:

Then we will walk around the pond to test Buch or argue a race of miniature sailing boats:

We return after a day on the water, meals and sleep.

- - -

Wednesday 15, last day at the beach after being pressed at the Dune du Pilat / Pyla. One advantage of the latest waves:

We end the brandade and salmon and shrimp remaining. We spend the last evening of love sorbet (we took the opportunity to say goodbye). We eat our ice by walk along the beach. Last night and last pictures, starting with an old sinner:

The rocks with a hazy effect (thank you to the foam and the exposure time):

I took a picture as the large wooden compass:

And finally a representation of the cities of the basin, keeping in mind the memory, we will start on Thursday 16 around 10am.

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