Starting Tuesday, November 30, my aunt with me, it is not far from 14. Direction: Dampniat. We start from Malemort-sur-Corrèze, go down to the bus stop and you pass in Snowy-Pascal to the stadium and crossing. We follow the track to the castle of Mr. Bardon.
chemin Malemort automne

There are few people to walk, yet the weather is nice, a bit chilly but beautiful. Moreover, we walk, we take pictures but do not forget to look for mushrooms, but without finding. Passing down the castle, is located on a wall of ivy with beautiful color:
chemin Malemort automne Lierre

A little further we are greeted by cows of the region:''limousine''(nothing to do with the car). They graze quietly and does not even deign to look at us when we go, I wish to make a photo.
chemin Malemort vache automne

After walking for 20 minutes, we start part of the journey where we have the course of the Corrèze. I also want to do some macro photography for there beautiful plates of foams:
chemin Corrèze automne mousse

And the way:
chemin Corrèze automne

We walk and we walk the water does not swirl very pretty, not serious, it will be a next time. Yet, arriving just before Dampniat, a pretty little waterfall is here:
chemin Corrèze automne cascade Dampniat

We enjoy a moment of sight but the cold we call to order, he must go. It returns the same way and up, I make two small photos macro:
chemin Corrèze automne toile araignée
chemin Corrèze automne toile araignée

In return, shortly after the castle of Sir Bardon, one last photo before returning:
chemin Corrèze automne colline

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