Two parties in Versoix Saturday, July 31, 2010 at around 8:40. We, Soso and I train that takes us to Neuchâtel. Then we change train to Kerzers, where is the Papiliorama. The name of the stop is significant:

We start with the tropical greenhouse. It is also very aptly named, mist clinging to my goals when we go on the road from the top. But despite this we do friendly matches. Whether a couple of Leuconoe in full flight:

A zebra that booty

Or a Blue Morpho currently resting (wings like that, it is tiring to move all the time):

We walk, we marvel. And we finished our tour of the greenhouse. It is half past twelve, we put ourselves at the table then and go for a meal full. We continue with the Nocturama, the pictures being banned I will do so without describing images. We see ocelots being fed, species of armadillo flank as much (perhaps is it?). At one time we spend in an underground ... and there, big scare, a swarm of bats returned post-haste in his cave ... the famous underground is indeed where they live. We read (quickly) panels and go out to''sunshine''night along with some of these flying animals. After seeing other animals eating we get to the exit. Ouch eyes, he is the sun. Well, pee break and continue the visit. Now we attack the tropical greenhouse for plants. It grows in damp walls:

It's not just butterflies and plants in libertée this time, we came across as toucans and birds like pink flamingos.

There are in fact pretty flowers (with ants here):

Well, we ended the visit. But .... we return to the butterfly house at the beginning. And we still find new butterflies, like this, we must take his time, left to spend several hours a greenhouse. We see not far off a butterfly that looks like a neon orange:

Another moth:

Again a moth, a magnificent Leo Fast:

Decidedly the butterflies to rest right now, but it allowed Soso set on film this African monarch:

We continue our second round of visiting the butterfly house and we take pictures of the unusual plants we meet, here's a photo of the water:

More particularly according Soso us out a beautiful photo of a large oval leaves (they are over one meter in length!)

And, we find out a little butterfly difficult to detect because of the same color and shape as the yellow leaves of certain trees, the butterfly is the African immigrant:

We return to 18h, head full of magic and a little book about the different types of butterflies for me.

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