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Wednesday, May 21, the day of departure. Our flight leaves at 10:45. So to be sure to arrive on time (or even early), we start 2 hours earlier. Although, Amandine forgot his mobile phone on the bed as, we were already out of the hotel, then we took a road accident on the tram forced us to wait for almost three quarters of an hour. In desperation, we end up taking a bus that takes us to the airport. We arrive at 10:10, it's a bit of a race! Fortunately there is only uncrowded for customs clearance.
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The plane will arrive with a few minutes ahead of schedule takeoff. The departure is delayed, the flight goes well, and as we pass over Prague, I take a last look at the city before taking the direction of Geneva. We arrived under gray skies and light rain when we left the sun franc in Prague. Enough to want to leave on.

In total we have had for 500 € each (airfare, transportation, housing, shopping, sightseeing, souvenirs). So a tip, if you enjoyed the story and the adventure girl uses tempts you, do not hesitate!

I want to thank Amandine for the very well chosen destination, I want to also thank all the places we visited and the people with whom we have discussed.

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