These are the reports I made, for the year 2010 :

July :
reportage 2010 france paris trocadero place champs de mars tour eiffel nuit night nocturne pose longue trainées filés feux voitures lightpainting peintures lumières light
The 20 hours in Paris
Departure at 6:50 am on July, Saturday 24th, 2010 from Geneva. We were 2. The TGV dropped Nanasse and I at the station of Lyon-Perrache.
reportage 2010 suisse chiètre kerzers papillorama papillon butterfly leuconoe blanc noir white black macro animal
The Papiliorama of Chiètres
Two parties in Versoix Saturday, July 31, 2010 at around 8:40. We, Soso and I train that takes us to Neuchâtel.

September :
reportage 2010 france arcachon sable atlantique océan pêcheur fisherman fish poisson noir et blanc black & white
Basin of Arcachon
Two parties to Brive-la-Gaillarde Monday, September 6, 2010 at around 9:00. We, my aunt and me, the car towards Bordeaux and our destination: Arcachon.

November :
reportage 2010 exposition photo france 3 épis brive la gaillarde librairie photographe thomas Avenard uldry koala jones
My first exposure at Brive-la-Gaillarde
We start by putting the paints, half of which is upside down, we are Monday, November 8, 14:30. My aunt gave me a hand, there is also a young from the library helping me.
reportage 2010 france collonges la rouge the red architecture roche rock village médiéval middleaged middle age moyen âge
he middle-aged village of Collonges-la-Rouge
Starting Monday, November 29, it is close to 16h. Direction: Collonges-la-Rouge. It was not too cold but the countryside is covered with forests and held their beautiful red, gold and ocher.
reportage 2010 chemin Corrèze automne toile araignée way france brive la gaillarde malemort sur corrèze dampniat rivière river macro gouttes d'eau water drop
A little walk between Malemort-sur-Corrèze and Dampniat
Starting Tuesday, November 30, my aunt with me, it is not far from 14. Direction: Dampniat. We start from Malemort-sur-Corrèze, go down to the bus stop and you pass in Snowy-Pascal to the stadium and train crossing.

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