These are the reports I made, for the year 2016 :

January :
reportage 2016 france annemasse vetraz monthoux week-end neige snow winter blanc white froid cold Castor salève champs arbre tree forêt forest
Report at Salève in snow
From January 8 to 25, I returned to Geneva for work in chemistry and see some of my friends (I wanted to see more, but time failed me).

March :
reportage 2016 france brive brive-la-gaillarde randonnée soleil sun nature walk hikking forêt forest printemps spring paysage landscape colline hill
Report on the south high of Brive
Tuesday, March 8, the weather is nice and my legs wanting to take the air. So, I make myself a sandwich, my backpack, water bottle, camera and recorder.

April :
reportage 2016 france toulouse tolosa TGS game show salon du jeu vidéo manga japon comics dc marvel twitch sir aza siraza james stream streamer interview Thomas avenard thomphoto koala ITW micro mic
Report at the TGS SpringBreak
Saturday, April 9, it is 4:30 in the morning, I went to bed the night before midnight and I must say that I had wanted to stay in bed !

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