Review of the Canon EOS 450D

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After testing the Canon 5DII, here finally that the Canon EOS 450D!
I will speak, as in the previous test and those to come, the experience in reporting this unit, its strengths and weaknesses.

For starters, these are the characteristics of the camera here based on the model of table 5DII:
Features of the Canon EOS 450D
Parameters Values
Sensor type CMOS APS-C 22,2 x 14,8 mm
Pixels 12.2 million
Photo Burst 3.5 photos/seconde
Shutter Speed 30s to 1 / 4 000th. Bulb mode available
ISO Range 100 to 1'600
Autofocus 9 points with a crossed in the center at f/5.6
Video mode none
Recording quality none
Sensor cleaning automatic and manual, ultrasonic
Rear screen LCD 3''(7.62mm) of 0.23 Mpixel
Construction Mainly polycarbonate and stainless steel

To begin the test, we can already say that the device is generally easy to learn, what pleases Nanasse that does not have paws whale ( see the report of 20 hours of paris ) and contributed to writing the test. The 450D naked, so without lens, weighs about 475 g. However, we can be closer to 1 kg or 1.5 kg, once one has put the battery, SD memory card (not CF as in the 5D II) the flash and the basic objective of EF-S 18-55 mm IS weighing 200 g to him alone. It frankly does not look heavy, but after 20 hours of reporting non-stop + transport other objectives in their bag + backpack containing a picnic and drinks, we can feel good without the weight of material!
I also want to add that the 450D is the objectives of EF and EF-S, Canon, Sigma, Tamron and others.

Regarding more specifically the photos when the 450D is used in the field, I am at 400 ISO, the camera up to ISO 1600 maximum. When there is not much light, it is better to have a superluminous goal at hand, the absence of ISO. Stay at ISO 400 seems reasonable, no, or very little noise.

Burst, the 450D can take about 3.5 frames per second, which is pretty good for a camera out, I believe, in March 2008. The 450D is used on assignment in museums or exhibitions or stationary subjects, it is not really necessary to use the burst mode, but to take, for example, pictures of bus, tram, and so on. it is easy to get a good result against a moving vehicle.
For a device like the 450D, the shutter speed is neither too high nor too low for the use made of it. Ranging from 30 seconds to 1 / 4000, there is no problem to take almost everything you want in photo. While the shutter minimum and maximum were never or rarely used, we do not go down to less than 2 s and we do not climb higher than 1 / 2000 s in general with this unit.

Nanasse are usually careful, the Canon 450D will not soak in water salt or many falls of more than 1.50m in height. As has been said beginning of this test, the unit is fairly light. He has the kind of finish that goes with it, that is to say,''finish''plastoc. The surface''grip''on the side only accentuates this side ''''Plastoc the 450D. So it is not really to be left between the legs of Thomas! (Lol) However, despite all the knocks that the device may suffer as a report, the hull is relatively instantly. The 450D also features an automatic cleaning system sensor that takes place when the unit is turned off. Practice to avoid dust accumulation after multiple changes of objectives.

The last point, which is on video, will soon set ... There is no video mode! But there is however a Live View mode (live view) on the screen at the back of the unit. Live View lets just see on the screen that you want to take pictures without having to have their faces glued to the camera when taking pictures.

Here! The test of what the device was secondary story is finished! Good Sunday, good evening, good priest's!

I am grateful for the important help Nanasse give me to the development of this test.

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