Review of the Canon EOS 550D

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After more than 2 years of use in the field, here is the test of the Canon 550D camera! This device was released in March 2010 covered a large part of our photo essays such as Auto Show, the Salon de la Photo 2012 or few outings with remotely operated vehicles in the woods of Versoix , the trip to the USA , the one of Prague , etc ...
I will, as in the other tests of experience in reporting this unit, strengths and weaknesses.

For starters, these are the characteristics of the device it based on information from Canon:
Features of the Canon EOS 550D
Parameters Values
Sensor type CMOS APS-C 22,3 x 14,9 mm
Pixels 18.7 million
Photo Burst 3.7 photos/seconde
Shutter Speed 30s to 1 / 4 000th. Bulb mode available
ISO Range 100 to 12'800 (H1)
Autofocus 9 points with a crossed in the center at f/5.6
Video mode yes, 1920x1080 at 29.97img/s
Recording quality Video: H.264, Sound: Linear PCM Stereo 48KHz
Sensor cleaning automatic and manual, ultrasonic
Rear screen LCD 3''(7.7mm) of 1.04 Mpixel
Construction Mainly polycarbonate and stainless steel

In terms of connections, the 550D features a microphone input 3.5mm jack, remote port, a USB output 2, as well as a mini HDMI output.

Even if he has not the characteristics of the 5D Mark II, previously used in reporting, it is still very useful and allows for a multitude of great photos and videos in full HD 1080p. It largely replaces the old 450D housing in performance, but keeps the size and weight equivalent. It is easy to carry, since it barely exceeds half a kilogram and fits in a small bag over the shoulder or in a single backpack. Weight may vary depending on the type of lens used, since the Canon EOS 550D is compatible, like the 450D, with all the goals of EF and EF-S Type, Canon, Sigma, Tamron and others.
Regarding the photos, when the 550D is used on the field, it is generally used at ISO 400, ISO 800 sometimes. It is best not to exceed the ISO 1600 on the maximum of 12,800 from the beach, if you do not want to have noise on the picture in low light. In this situation, it is better to have a super-bright lens (like the Canon EF 50mm F / 1.4) at hand, or else trigger the flash in the camera body.
For a report designed to make hundreds / thousands / millions (maybe not millions, in fact ...) photos, however, it is necessary to take a second battery with you, it is relatively fast emptying by prolonged flash and use Live View, preview available shooting on the camera screen. Battery into 950-1'000 about photos, a story of a day, it is better to have 2 batteries, but on a weekend (and longer ...): take the battery charger. The 550D, 450D unlike previously tested, a Full HD 1080p video mode at ~ 30 frames / second and offers the same recording format as the Canon 5D Mark II with stereo sound, while recording Full HD is limited to thirty minutes (for reasons of tax: from 30 minutes of recording time, a device that can shoot ends up with a special tax).
Finally, the 550D is a very good main camera and an excellent secondary camera (comprise a APS-C sensor completing a full frame sensor).

I am grateful for the important help Nanasse gave me to the development of this test.

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