Review of the Canon EF lense 50mm f/1.4 USM

Canon review test photo porn porno camera lense objectif EF 50mm F 1.4 USM macro F/1.4 F1.4
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A basical lense for low light.

At first, the lense features :
Features of the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM
Parameters Values
Mount Type EF adaptable on all Canon DSLR with the same type of bayonet
Category of the lens Standard fixed focal
Focal 50mm (equivalent 24x36mm sensor)
Aperture Minimum F/1.4, maximum F/22
Optical stabilizer No
Autofocus Yes, USM ultrasonic motor
Minimum distance of focus 45cm
Lens coating Super Spectra lens element (anti-chromatic aberration, anti-flare)
Diaphragm 8 slices
Filter diameter Ø58mm front
Maximum size Ø73.8mm x 50.5mm
Weight 290g
Construction Plastic and glass

My first fixed focal ... Used for a few years before a little dust from disrupting the system development ( some teeth inside broke among other things because of the mix of dust because the goal is not waterproof, even sand can get quite easily !) .
Regarding the quality of the photos , it was pretty good from the time I used it . But it turned out later that the 1.8 at 50mm cannon was better then it is very low end. 50 in the 1.4 sigma is well above still image quality and construction level . But when we started , we do not know yet , we do not have the usual experience . The photos are a little soft , they lack a little sharpness . In contrast, 8 diaphragm blades give a very soft bokeh , very round .
The construction of this goal being what it is , the ring of focus is very fragile and the autofocus is hard work , time to put it down on the right screen . Not to mention that since the goal is not sealed , dirt was quick to come trashing the inside of the lens . The focus ring has a lot of game , so, for manual focusing is not very accurate.
Ultimately , I do not recommend this. Canon 50mm F1.8 (inexpensive and better image quality) or Sigma 50mm F1.4 ( more expensive, but excellent image quality and construction (waterproof) ) are recommended for a light 50mm and does not slap you in the hands after a few months a bit difficult conditions.

This little test of the Canon EF lense 50mm f/1.4 USM is now complete and I hope it will have been useful.

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