Review of the Sigma lense 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM

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Bought to replace my 50mm F / 1.4 Canon, I hesitated a moment before finally choosing it instead of a new 1.4 Canon. But the fragility of the latter tipped the balance in favor of Sigma despite its much higher price. Did i do the right choice ? We'll see that now.
Features of the Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM
Parameters Values
Mount Type Sigma available in the following mounts : Sigma, Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony
Category of the lens fixed focal length
Focal 50mm (equivalent 24x36mm sensor)
Aperture Minimum F/1.4, maximum F/16
Optical stabilizer No
Autofocus Yes, Ultrasonic focusing
Minimum distance of focus 45cm
Lens coating 1 aspherical lense
Diaphragm 9 slices
Filter diameter Ø77mm front
Maximum size Ø85mm x 68mm
Weight 505g
Construction Plastic with polycarbonate coating, metal and glass

Much heavier, much larger, much more expensive as the Canon 50mm F1.4, it is however much more solid, much better construction, a high performance autofocus and a great dive at full aperture. It comes with a hand-sun and a carrying case for protection (which is not that of Canon).
Despite being massive, the lens remains a 50mm focal length for an interesting report because the performance in low light and portrait. Its autofocus is pretty fast allows to make a quickshot photo or sport without difficulty, high brightness allows it to increase the shutter speed, perfect to fix the fugitive instant photo.
Bought in late 2011 to replace my Canon 50mm stolen during the report of 26h of Paris , I must say that the lens was quickly used (during an event in Geneva with 3 friends). The minimum distance of 45cm for the focus do not make him a macro lens but allows a close enough anyway for framing a portrait or a photo of plants and flowers. The opening 1.4 for shallow depth of field are clear of the subject from the background, even if it is close. About it, 9 diaphragm blades give a very soft bokeh with beautiful circles in the background. Good soft bokeh, the subject himself, however, is very sharp, the goal with excellent sharpness even at full aperture. Its aspherical lens is note here for nothing. So much so, that I happily serves this objective F1.4 for astro photos fairly high speeds (for astro).
After its optical capabilities, what about mechanical properties? Well ... being part of the range EX, the lens is good, he seems tropicalised (a passage in the mud (cold hands) he has not done anything apart get a quick exterior cleaning), a nice texture and seems having a good solidity. As all my equipment, this lens has seen green and unripe, blows, falls, spills, dirt, mud bath, rain, hot shots ... 3 years of use and no problem finding it. It is always in my bag with the 24-105 and 70-200 both from Canon, it complements perfectly. More about it in another article on this configuration of my bag (which is not necessarily suitable for everyone, but that suits me well).
I wrote a lot of praise for this lens... but it also has negative points. First... it's very big for a 50mm! Another point that I find negative is the lack of stabilization (although with such aperture, we can have high speed... is it really so important missing?). I have not had this trouble on my own, but apparently many people could have concerns about backfocus (the focus is a little behind the subject). At full oppening we can see a green and violet portion around the more contrasted spot and a light blur, but it disapear when we close the aperture from 2-3 steps. In the end, you have probably realized was, for me, a great bright lens (well above the Canon with same aperture / focal length) I highly recommend. The price difference can put off at first, but the performance gains (both optical and mechanical) are well worth the extra euros.

This small test of the Sigma lens 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM is now over and I hope it has been helpful.

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