Here are various tips and tricks in photo processing and I use.

Appareil photo :

- When you have dead pixels (bright spots are usually red or white in the pictures and / or videos, always in the same place) on his SLR camera, we can fix that by making a remapping of the Matrix Bayer of the sensor. For Canon EOSwe must find the menu function ''Manual cleaning of sensor'' and let activate for at least 30 seconds (1 to 2 minutes is good) without touching the camera (and with a lens mounted). Then we turned off the machine and it's all good.

Photo shooting:

- You can use the circular polarizing filter to remove or increase the reflection of a non-metallic surface.
- The polarizing filter can be used to reduce the brightness two notches, it can be useful poru photos long exposures.
- To protect the front lens of the objective can be used by Sun or UV filter or viltre protection.
- In general, for the best dive on its target, it will put the diaphragm 2 notches above the full opening.
- For landscape photos or footage, it is advisable to set the aperture to F / 8 to get a good depth of field and a good sharpness of the lens.
- If you have no tripod at hand can be a guardrail caller on his bag or use as a support or booster seat.

Processing and software:

- To print the right colors (the ones you see on the screen) the screen must be set according to the color space of the printer and its software processing.
- For good print quality is better at least 100 dpi.

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